Safety Committee Treats, May 2019

This month I took it easy with my Safety Committee treat.  This was the last meeting of the academic year for one campus.  So, a thank you for all their work this year was very appropriate.  The other campus has one more meeting in June.

You either like Mounds or Almond Joy.

The conversation in the rooms for this treat were really interesting.  Thankfully, everyone is always thankful for whatever I bring as the treat!

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Minnesota Monday, May 20, 2019

Today’s photos are from the annual Empty Bowls event at Carleton.  There’s a ceramics course that makes a whole bunch of ceramic bowls.  Each bowl is made by a few students.  One student will throw the bowl, one student will make the ‘foot’ of the bowl and other students will do the glazing.  Then, in May, they sell the bowls to raise money for the local food shelf.

Lots of bowls

I usually walk around for quite some time and wait until a bowl ‘speaks’ to me.  I was pretty much settled on a larger bowl for soup.  But, then I spotted this bowl with a bunny in the glaze and I just knew I had to take that bowl!

Look at the bunny in the glaze!

There is also a buffet table at the event with crockpots filled with soup that was made by students, faculty and staff.   You can fill your bowl with soup if you like and a lot of people do that.  I just don’t…….

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Minnesota Monday, May 13, 2019

Outside my front door last week!

I didn’t think I would post anything about the paving job this quickly.  However, this is what I came home to one day last week!  The road is officially closed, except for all those idiot drivers that are driving through the ROAD CLOSED signs and find themselves on the road which is torn up because it’s obviously CLOSED.

You can see my mulch in the lower right just on a rock so that the bags are outside of Lake Elisabeth in the front of the house.  The farmers still haven’t seeded because it’s just too wet.

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Minnesota Monday, May 6, 2019

Spring Creek Road at the Highway 1 intersection

Thrilled beyond belief to post this photo!  The dirt road that runs in front of my house is getting paved, finally!  Work was supposed to be done last fall and then it was postponed. Then, it was supposed to start April 30 and pushed back a week.  Now there’s a sign and I am really, really, really hoping to see trucks on that road, working, tomorrow!

It’s scheduled to take all summer long (paving in August).  They are widening the road and blah, blah, blah.  I’m mostly looking forward to NOT having that dust cloud hit my house every time a car drives by and there’s any sort of wind at all.  They are widening the road so there’s a chance that we might be able to park in front of the house!  How cool would that be??  More photos over the summer, I’m sure.

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Minnesota Monday, April 22, 2019

The other day, before that last snowstorm, actually, I was stopped at our railroad crossing that goes right through the middle of town.   Pain in the butt train.  Anyway, by the time I realized what the train was hauling, it was basically too late for a real good photo.  It was a train of engines. There must have been about ten engines and a caboose.

A train of engines, these are cars 8 and 9 or so

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March Safety Committee Treats

Too cute. Paper eggs with bunnies inside!

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Minnesota Monday, April 15, 2019

Last week’s round of the Annual April Snow Storm brought dust from West Texas, which it deposited in brownish-yellow snow that adhered interestingly to surfaces here in southern Minnesota.

Texas dust

Brownish-yellow snow

I thought it would be helpful to show you the brownish-yellow snow.

I have to say that I’ve never had all the window screens in my house covered with snow before.  Really weird getting ready for work in the morning and not being able to look out a single window.  I’ve had that happen to the screens on the screened in porch before, but not to all the windows on all sides of the house.

The wind was really different too.  I leave some of the plaques hanging throughout the winter on my screened in porch and have never had to move them – not even during the tornado in September 2018.  But, this one plaque was waving around and bugging me with the banging so, in my PJs, I put on my snow boots and went out there, in the middle of the night (okay, it was probably 8PM) and took it off of its hook.

There were about ten inches of heavy, wet (and brown) snow that fell. Thanks, Texas. As you know, I live on a dirt road (that I’m praying gets paved this summer).  On Friday (4/12/19) morning, I had a school bus that was stuck in front of the house in the mud on the dirt road.  The road was not plowed because the frost is gone and that would have been a mess.  Silly bus driver!

The view from my front porch


I heard that another bus came and pulled him out and then a road grader came and spent 2 hours fixing the road


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Minnesota Monday, April 8, 2019




And in other news, our state-wide tornado drill might get postponed this week due to the impending snow storm.  What?!?!  I’ve been prepping my campus for this drill!   People can’t multi-task?  Seriously, it can snow out and I can still send folks into a shelter……

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Interesting Lecture and Honorary Degrees

If I titled this post with the name of the actress, I figure that I’d get lots more people coming to my little blog….so I decided not to use the actress’ name – but I may be fooling myself if I type it in the body of this post.  So, I think I’ll just add the link to the steam of the lecture and call it good.  An actress currently on the Thursday night show For the People is receiving an honorary degree from St. Olaf.  She is here now, and last night I went to see her speak.  I just love living in a small college-town where these sorts of lectures are available to the public!

She is probably most recognized in popular culture as the National Security Advisor on NBC’s The West Wing

For just one week they are making the lecture available, here.

This lecture was based on a number of conversations or interviews she has had and turns them into scripts, transforming herself into a number of characters.  It was very interesting and I am glad I went!  If you have an hour of time, watch the stream of the lecture.

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Minnesota Monday, April 1, 2019

I can’t believe it’s already April!  This is supposed to be my quiet time of year where I have the time to review all my plans (annual review) and write new plans and design training sessions for the busy time of year (July – December).  Well, it hasn’t quieted down one bit!

Sorry I missed two Minnesota Mondays in a row!  I got sick two weeks ago (the common cold) and then I was traveling and on-the-move last week.  Have a great week and I’ll work on finding a cool photo to post for next week.

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