Minnesota Monday, September 14, 2020

It’s been a while, I know! It’s just been busy and 2020.  Most of the time I would forget that it was Monday and so I didn’t post.  But, today is September 14th.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be celebrating September 14.  But this year, it marks the end of a very, very, very busy time.  Classes start today.  Everything I’ve been working on for the past two months has been in preparation for TODAY.  It’s like waiting for a surgery to happen (bad example) or prepping for an exam – by the time the day arrives for the test, you’re like…..I’m ready, let’s just do this and take the exam.  That’s what I feel like today!

I read one of our COVID information websites this morning (for faculty). It was truly weird to see the things I’ve been writing up on that website.  It just hit me this morning, they are using my direction to deal with this COVID ‘thing’.  We’ll see how it all works out.  And, today might be the end of a very long and grueling eight weeks or so, but it also marks the beginning of the next COVID chapter of my life.  I have no idea what this will bring, but that’s what 2020 has been all about, right?

So, this morning, when I turned around on my walk and headed home, I saw this really beautiful sun.  I took a photo, which doesn’t do it justice at all.

Stay safe everyone!

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Minnesota Monday, August 17, 2020

Brand new marking tape

Of course there’s a new tape being made for COVID-19!!!



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Minnesota Monday, August 10, 2020

My Elm Tree

Here’s the story of my elm tree.  When I moved into my house, I bought this elm tree and had it planted.  It was originally planted in the back of the house with plans to have it shade the patio.  Then, the plots of land were re-platted so that the house next door to me was built just about on top of the tree.  In fact, the tree is lopsided because it didn’t grow branches on that one side because of the house.  When they were landscaping for the new house, the landscaper moved the tree for me to the front of my house where it is now.

Then, two years ago there was a tornado that came through (EF0) and as a result, the tree now leans.  Poor tree.  Then, this year I noticed right away that there was something “wrong”.  The leaves were really small in the spring.  I called a tree ‘doctor’ and the diagnosis was that the tree basically has an ingrown toe-nail.  There’s a root that wrapped around another root and that’s cutting off the supply of nutrients to the tree.  I had them ‘fix’ this issue.

They used an air gun and blew the dirt away from the roots and exposed the issue.

Here’s the exposed problem

They cut the root and put everything back into place.  I’ve been babying the tree – it gets about 10 gallons of water every third day or so.  Let me tell you, I look forward to rain these days!! Lugging the water in 5 gallon buckets gets old, very fast.

Then, the Japanese beetles came and attacked the poor tree. Apparently they like elm trees.  The tree doctor came out again and sprayed the tree.  If this tree lives it will be a miracle!

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2020 Birthday Wish List

It’s my birthmonth!!!

Opening Ceremonies pick nick!

We will all remember 2020, I’m sure!  This was the first time since March 2020 that I’ve seen all of these women at once.  We decided to do an outdoors picknick to celebrate my Birthday season Opening Ceremonies!

This year I’ve been looking at the air fryers and I have decided that I’d like to have one.

Corsori Air Fryer

Corsori Accessories for the Air Fryer

A mandolin for those potato chips I want to make!  It can be from Pampered Chef or any other place (I think PC discontinued this item, actually).

I would love a pair of the Tim Holz mini snip scissors

We R Memory Keepers glitter vacuum.  Because, doesn’t everyone need a vacuum for their glitter??

I’d like to have my own Bosu.  I have one at home right now because work let us take a few pieces of equipment when the College closed down for COVID.  It’s helping me with my balance and I know there’s so much more I can do with it in the future.

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Minnesota Monday, August 3, 2020

“Well, that fence wasn’t there yesterday”

Every summer, there’s a tribe of goats that are rented by the College to eat the weeds.  The tribe moves around the campus.  This year they are in a wooded section that apparently has some deer.  As I was driving to work this morning, I saw three or four deer standing there, looking at the fence…..as if to say, “Well, that fence is new”…

Looking forward to seeing the goats!  I love visiting with the goats during the day. Clearly, I get more out of seeing them than they do of seeing me and hearing me talk to them 🙂  I’m pretty sure I’ll share goat pictures with you soon!

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Minnesota Monday, July 27, 2020

Two new signs I’ve spotted on my morning walks:

I’ve walked by this sign a dozen times at least. Finally noticed this weekend.

You can see the RR tracks in the distance beyond the dirt road.

And, here’s a photo of my first ‘harvest’ of cherry tomatoes from my first ever potted tomato plant.

I dumped them all into my salad for lunch.

Have a great week!  I’ll be posting my 2020 Birthday wish list this week.  One month from today!!!!


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Minnesota Monday, July 20, 2020

I’m a day late and this is as far as I got yesterday:

It’s going to be a wild ride for the next few weeks.  I might not get to these every week.

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Minnesota Monday, July 13, 2020

I debated on my photo for today.  I had another photo that I wanted to post, but I found this on my walk this morning and I couldn’t not share it with all of you.

As I walked by, it looked like any other campaign sign so I didn’t really pay attention (I usually listen to podcasts on my morning walks).  Then I read the sign and it ‘clicked’ so I doubled back and took this photo.

Also on my walk this morning I had a traffic jam on the sidewalk:

Early morning traffic jam

Watch out for goose poop!!

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Minnesota Monday, July 6, 2020

A photo from my early morning walk.  My morning walks have grounded me and I’m thankful for them.  I do my best thinking that time of day.

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Minnesota Monday, June 15, 2020

The Minnesota Department of Health epidemiologist who serves as the liaison to institutions of higher education toured both of my campuses. The tour covered a number of academic, residential, dining and other spaces to help clarify how to best facilitate physical distancing upon return to campus.  My newest role on campus is to provide recommendations on how to achieve social distancing on a college campus.  I’m learning a lot by voraciously reading other institution’s plans and any and all guidance I can get my hands on from other states.  Good luck y’all!

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