Minnesota Monday, November 4, 2019

Ooooh, big news……the dirt road by my house is paved!!!!

Here’s what the road looked like last spring (2019)

It took all summer long and was quite noisy at times.  I think that the boys liked playing with their big trucks because it seemed that they moved a lot of dirt back and forth.  Doesn’t matter because it’s beautiful!

I got three new trees out of the deal

Yup, that was me, watering three new trees this fall.  The trees they planted were really sorry looking so I’m hoping and praying that they make it through the winter so I can continue to water them next summer.

Now that the road is paved my dust situation will be oh so much better.  People have asked me why I wash my windows so often (about once a month).  So, I took these photos.  The windows were washed on Memorial Day and this photo was taken just before the Fourth of July.  Just over a month in my life on a dirt road.  I have to admit, that we usually do have a wet June so there’s more than a normal month’s worth of mud on the windows in June.

Can you see the caked on mud on the front windows? Ugh

I had a window washing company come out to my house to give my house a much needed bath.  He washed the windows (inside and out) and washed the house and all the screens.  It was just such a great day to see all that mud and crap wash off of my house.

Washing the house

Note to self, never buy a house on a dirt road in farm-country.  I survived and now I’m looking forward to having some rocking chairs on the front porch and sitting in my screen porch in the summer without first having to wash everything down.  But, first, let it snow!

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Safety Committee Treats, October 2019

Sometimes I’m not as organized as I’d like to be.  I had planned on making something for the Safety Committee meetings this month before I left for my vacation.  But, time ran out.  I decided, while on my fabulous trip to Europe, earlier in the month to buy chocolates for the Safety Committee.  Funny thing was that I was stopped both at De Gaulle Airport and at JFK and my bag was searched (I hand carried the chocolates) for those darn chocolates.  It must have been the wrappers that were used.

This little plastic box of chocolates was unpacked from my carry on, twice!


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Minnesota Monday, October 28, 2019

Bring on the snow!

My super cool town had students paint a few of the snow plow blades! They were on display this weekend.

Of course, the donut one is my favorite!

Above each blade is a diagram of the original artwork that inspired the painting by the students.

I think everyone recognizes the art work that inspired the blade with the wave. The Great Wave off Kanagawa

As a quick weather update, we are expecting snow this week!  Good news, my gardens are all put to bed for the winter.  I have not switched my closets over….but I did find my winter coat and I’m kinda sorta ready for snow!

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Just a new thought..

I very recently had a conversation with a wise friend (Linda, that would be you).  We were talking about my work and I was telling her about a busy schedule I had and how I was trying to fit something fun that I wanted to do into the busy week.  It was at that point that I realized; what if this was part of my Purgatory time?  Yeah, I know, Catholics abolished Purgatory somewhere a long the line – definitely AFTER I finished all that mandatory stuff like Sunday school and completing the requirements to receive the sacraments.  Apparently I didn’t get the memo.

So, in my world, there’s a Purgatory.  But, I’ve now decided that when I get to the pearly gates (I assume I go there first to get my ticket to Purgatory) I’m definitely going to negotiate this forboding Purgatory time DOWN.  I now have a complete sense of calm and a mission.  I have a plan.  It feels good.

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Football 2019

I’m busy.  I’m super duper wicked busy.  The kind of busy where you don’t have time to pee – busy.  I dream about work (can that be considered ‘working’?).  So, today I was in the office (which doesn’t happen often these days because I’m tied up in meetings).  I didn’t look at the caller ID because…..I was multitasking and doing e-mail and answering the phone.

The call was hilarious and it just made my day, probably made my month!  It was the football team for one of the institutions where I work.  They were actually calling to say thank you for fixing the drains in their locker room shower.  Yup, I’ve been in football team locker room (I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about them once before).  The players were not in the locker room shower when I was there and I was fully clothed.  A year ago, when I heard about the situation I also heard that the drains never actually worked since the building was built.  Not sure I believe that, but that was their reality.  I just did my job and got the drains repaired over the summer.  I was told that they worked.

It wasn’t until today when I had a team of players actually call my office to say thank you that I knew the drains worked!  That made my day.  Just a simple thank you (and the thought that they talked about me when they were in the shower!!)  Shhhh!

Shaun, if you are reading this…….I’m living the dream! It’s come down to fixing the drains in the football team locker room!

Football, that’s the game with the diamond shaped brown ball, right???

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September 2019 Safety Committee Treats

The 2020 academic year is underway!  We have a new person in the events office and I guess they didn’t think that the safety committee would ever have too many people show up.  The room was too small and I had standing room only.  The treats were a huge hit so I’m glad I took a photo before I left for the meeting.  Since it’s September, I decided to make edible pencils.

Vanilla wafer cookies, white chocolate and mini chocolate chips

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Minnesota Monday, September 23, 2019

I have waited all year to find the perfect pumpkin!

The best pumpkins in the patch! If I ever grew pumpkins, I would grow these!

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Minnesota Mondays, 9/16/2019

Sorry I missed a few Mondays!  I can’t even begin to tell you how busy it’s been – but I can say that it was photo-finish for moving into the brand new science building – classes start TODAY!

These photos are for my friend Sheila who also has these little free libraries in her town of Beverly, Massachusetts.  She added some cool craft books to her libraries from our friend Laura’s craft stash.  I didn’t bring any of Laura’s books with me back to Minnesota, but I have put books into these libraries.  Here are just a few from my walking routes!

By far, this is my favorite. His library matches his house!

You can see the shadow of the handle on the front porch of the free library.  This house has amazing gardens and is on my way to St. Olaf. I should have taken a photo of the little free library in front of the Presidents house at St. Olaf.  It’s a miniature of one of the buildings on campus. Seriously, these little libraries are all over our little town and are so much fun to find (almost as much fun as finding a painted rock!!).

This little free library always reminds me of Cape Cod because of the little blue glass edge along the roof

It was chilly out when I took this photo so the glass had condensation

I opened the door so you could see the books inside.


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We had a few opening events yesterday at St. Olaf College for the new academic year.  At Chapel, in the morning, I spotted a faculty member with a pair of white chinos with skull and crossbones stitched throughout (think back to those preppy pants with the alligators and such).  Later on at a social event in the evening I spotted that same man.  I had to ask. I was wondering if he was a nursing faculty, I’m pretty sure I know all the chemistry faculty. Turns out, he is a history faculty and his scholarship is in Pirates!  His wife lets him wear those pants once a year – to these events!

skull and bones icon

Life at a liberal arts college.

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Minnesota Monday, 8/26/2019

Last week was a good week!  I had company from “home” .  My friend Andrea’s son, Aidan, was driving from Massachusetts to Glacier National Park in Montana.  Turns out he was driving right through my little town in Minnesota so he stopped in for dinner and a bed!  Oh, and we had the BEST pancakes in the morning!

Massachusetts License Plate!

Aidan wanted something that he can’t get in New England for dinner.  So, I made my first Tater-Tot Hot Dish!  I am now considered a Minnesotan!

Tater-Tot Hot Dish. It’s a casserole. The top layer is tater tots. So very Minnesotan.

We visited the selfie shark!  Because, of course, Northfield has a selfie shark in one of our parks.

Taking a closer look at the teeth.

This is us!

I have heard that the pancakes at the Quarterback Club are amazing and I had been looking for a reason to go out to breakfast there.  I finally found my reason!

How can simple pancakes be so good?

Of course, I love being an adopted Auntie – lots of road trip supplies for Aidan when he left!  Fresh fruit, trail mix (no nuts) and chocolate!

And, he made it!  He’s in Glacier National Park for 8 weeks for a class.  They are deploying decibel meters every 7 days to record ambient noise.  I guess there’s lots of camping and hiking involved and he’s thrilled!  See you on the way back, Aidan!

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